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2021 Season 0

2021 Season

Hi everyone! Following Kickoff we have gotten straight to work on the new 2021 challenges with FIRST. Here’s to a great start to the season!!

2021 Season Starting Soon! 0

2021 Season Starting Soon!

Hi everyone! Despite new challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to be starting our new season very shortly. Let’s hope for a fun and safe season!


Do you want to help?

  Hi guys! Welcome to Infinite Recharge, the 2020 season game. As we are starting this season, there are some things that can be donated to help our team. Drills Saws Screws Bits for drills...


Kickoff 2019

We are so excited for this year’s competition: Destination: Deep Space! We spent several hours Saturday brainstorming and coming up with great ideas. We are so grateful for our new members and can’t wait...


End of the Season

Overall it was a great season! At the Central Illinois competition we made it to the semi-finals where we unfortunately lost 249-250 twice in a row. At the Midwest Regional, we placed 4th in...


Beginning (Steam)Work(s)!!!

The team is very excited to begin work with the new game, Steamworks! The construction team started to create the game pieces, the coding team downloaded software on the computers, the CAD team is...


World Championship

We had tons of fun in St. Louis for the World Championship! After qualification matches, we were ranked 33rd out of 75 teams and were the highest rookie team in the Carver Division. Although...


Midwest Regional

We had a great time at the 20th Midwest Regional! After qualification matches, we were seeded 21st out of 52 teams. We were picked by Team 1625, Winnevation, and Team 2062, C.O.R.E., to compete...